• Researchers who wish to conduct experiments in UMRAM are required to contact us under the numbers provided on this website.
  •  First time MR scanner users will be given an appointment upon request and will be guided by our technicians throughout their experiment.
  •  Experienced MR scanner users, who access the center's facilities regularly will be provided with access to the web page of the MR scanner scheduling calendar so that they can make their own appointments.
  • The hourly 3T MR scanner usage and technician fee is 530 TL + VAT.
  •  The 3T MR usage fee is 480 TL/hour + VAT if technician support is not required.
  • The hourly 1,5 T MR scanner usage and technician fee is 450 TL + VAT.
  • The 1,5T MR usage fee is 400 TL/hour + VAT if technician support is not required.
  •  The TxArray, radio frequency amplifier and the fMRI software are options of the system therefore   no additional fees are charged for their usage.
  •  When researchers are arrived at UMRAM, they are given a health and safety information package including a scanner manual and asked to sign it prior to the experiment  so that they are accepted  as  safety and usage regulation is read and understood. UMRAM staff is ready to help the researchers in every step of the procedure, and users are  always provided with the necessary support regardless of their knowledge.

We also provide Proforma Invoices for the Service Charges in Grant Applications suitable to your needs and budget. Furthermore, the researchers who are to apply for financial funding such as TUBITAK or EU may conduct their initial experiments free of charge in UMRAM (Conditions apply).